Wine Tasting Party / Evening London

Wine Tasting Parties & Evenings in London

A wine tasting is fun and it doesn't cost a fortune! We put together wine tasting parties tailored to your individual requirements at prestigious and interesting London venues, or 'in-house' - using your own facilities.

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We provide :
  • staff ( including our own recognised wine expert Harry Putt and catering staff if required )
  • facilities and equipment - from tasting glasses to a complete banqueting venue
  • carefully selected wines ( or spirits, or Champagne )
  • excellent food - from bread and cheese or crudites to enjoy with the wine, right up to to a full banquet.

    Get the party going !
    During the wine tasting, a competition can be organised for the guests, where they are asked to provide outrageous descriptions of a wine of their choice. You know the type of thing... "smells of cigar boxes - with a hint of New York cab driver thrown in" was one entry! The host reads out the best entries and the winners receive suitable prizes. We can also organise quizzes, competitions etc.

    Costs :
    are from £35 - £75 per person, depending on the number of guests and the final package you choose e.g. 6 wines, up to 12 wines. Call or to find out more.

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    Typical Tutored Wine Tasting :
    We suggest a 30 minute Champagne reception as your guests arrive, followed by a tutored wine tasting by Harry Putt, Managing Director of the Wine & Food Academy and his team, or by one of our Senior Tutors, depending on budget.

    The minimum time for the wine tasting is one hour, with the maximum at two and a half hours.

    Typically, guests will be tasting a variety of the world's most popular grapes i.e. Chardonnay, Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir, Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon.

    A plate of patés, cheeses, crudités and french bread can be supplied to enjoy with the wines, or a more substantial meal/buffet if required.
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